Our Team

Early Days….

Arpan started when its two Co-Founders were still in college in 2010 with a community based project in a slum of South Delhi. Here we, with the help of big- hearted friends, were providing free of cost tuitions and career counseling to 20 adolescent girls. Though not a very big number but at the end of the academic year, we successfully managed to send 14 out of the 20 girls to college. Since then we have shifted our focus more on the lines of creative methods of learning. Four years in total, with November 2014 onwards being full-time engagement, we are now reaching 500 + children and planning to double that number in no time.


Ours, is a fairly young team, where each member has a common denominator; our passion for innovative education. Since 2010 we have also been involved in planning and reinventing education modalities. Thus we have come to understand that a venture like ours requires comprehensive research, active field presence and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Sneha Thakur Co-Founder

stSneha is a post graduate in social work from Delhi School of Social Work, affiliated to Delhi University and holds a Bachelor’s degree from DCAC. Her key strengths have been her ability to design and implement indigenous proposals, with strong commercials, curriculum development. She has extensive experience working with children and adolescents in foster care and school settings. She has previously worked as a social work /welfare executive at SOS children villages of India.

“I have always been passionate about working with children and making a difference in their lives through innovative education. It was my year long placement at a Special School that has been a defining moment in my choice of work. It was then that I realized that though there is no dearth of talent but yet Special children face various challenges in being mainstreamed. It is this barrier that I want to overcome and give each child an equal and fair opportunity”

Jordan Jones Manager- Fund Raising

jjJordan was born and raised in the United States but is currently calling Barcelona, Spain his home. Jordan’s academic background is in Communications and Business. He has owned and managed several small businesses and has worked with NGO’s on 4 continents and 8 countries. He is currently driving a motorcycle from India to Spain to create awareness and raise money for several charitable causes.

“First of all, I love kids. And thus far I have managed to remain one myself so I never have any problems connecting with them! I love to bring myself to their level, play games, interact, and have fun. But I also believe that, perhaps not all, but most of the issues we are facing as a global community can be bettered through education. And the issues that I personally feel the most connected to are preservation and conservation. Arpan embodies all of these things, educating kids through interactive tactics to plant a seed in their minds that the planet needs our help, and it can be fun!”