We have adopted a child centric approach, where we want to give each child; opportunity for holistic development, platform for creative expression, fun learning methods, enhanced learning abilities and a lot of fun on the way.

Count Me In’ –

count_me_inChildren with special needs make a very small percentage of school going population. Their minority status in our country creates a dearth of suitable play and education options for that little segment. In order to strengthen the efforts of mainstreaming the special children, we are working with an 80 year old institution; Andh Vidyalya, which was founded in 1932 in Lahore.Arpan’s ‘Count Me In’ program organizes sessions in theatre, storytelling, art/craft and other constructive ‘play’ sessions for visually impaired children below the age of 17 years. Through these well designed set of activities, we are aiming to facilitate all round development and prepare them better for everyday challenges. We have been very clear from the beginning that it isn’t vocational/ job oriented training that we want to impart nor is it purely academic help that was the centre of this project. We wanted multiple play activities, which would not only be good source of entertainment for the children but also transform them into whole beings. Our project aims to tap upon the hidden creative potential of these children, actively involve them in tasks to boost their self-esteem and at the end of it all; make them more confident and capable to lead life and not view their impairment as a disability.

‘Eco Legends’-

eco_legendsInternalizing values of environmental responsibility in school children by conducting weekly training and workshops on recycling and art out of waste. Children will learn through practical field based activities(indoor and outdoor)which will enhance creativity and provide life skills.  This feeds into a larger process of change in attitudes and behavior where children inculcate a sense of responsibility for their environment and valuable resource use. Children engaged in this project would benefit fom interactive learning experiences and enhance their skill set and foster creativity by engaging them in fun art and craft activities that involve the use of different ‘waste’ materials.

Rainbow Town’-
rainbow_town‘Let’s paint the town rainbow’ is our motto at Rainbow Town, where we are working with children living in slums of New Delhi within the age group of 7-15 years of age. We have adopted a dual approach where along with organizing drawing/painting sessions for the children; where they graduate from the program by painting the walls of their community, we also ensure participation of positive role models for these children. People from different walks of life can volunteer to become ‘Change Agents’ to these children, co-facilitate the art sessions and through that instill positive values in the children and serve as a figure to look up to. For eg. through weekly art sessions the ‘mentors’ highlight the significance of education, going to college, economic independence, balanced gender roles etc. Along with learning art and tapping on its therapeutic benefits and beatifying their community, these children will also get the motivation and right mentorship needed to plan a more fruitful life and psychological as well as professional support.

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